El Monterey Enchiladas, Cheese 10 oz

Want convenient and delicious Mexican meatless meals in a single package? El Monterey Signature Cheese Enchiladas are two cheese enchiladas topped with Verde sauce, enchiladas seasoning, Monterey Jack cheese and cheddar cheese, served with cilantro lime rice. With no artificial flavors or colors and 23g of protein, the El Monterey traditional Mexican cheese enchilada is made from a family recipe and quickly frozen to lock in savory flavor. Enjoy frozen cheese enchilada dinners without leaving the comfort of home! Single-serve enchilada frozen dinner options from El Monterey are delicious, convenient authentic Mexican food. These prepared frozen Mexican dinners make lunch, dinner or appetizer prep easy and ready in minutes in your microwave! Find El Monterey Signature Cheese Enchiladas with Verde sauce and rice, along with other options like our cheese burrito, in the frozen meals section!