Silk Fruit & Protein Juice Blend, Mango Peach

All natural juice blend (Flavored blend of 4 juices from concentrate with protein, vitamins and minerals). Get juiced about protein! Good source of protein. Excellent source of calcium & vitamin D. Lactose-free & dairy-free. Make it a Silk morning! Purely delicious protein, courtesy of Silk. At Silk, we like to think of soy as nature's perfect protein. That's because it's a naturally complete protein from a wholesome, 100% plant-based source. So what does that mean for your morning? Drink up, and see for yourself how delicious it can be to start your day with 5 grams of nourishing soy protein. So silky-smooth, fruity and easy to love - you might just decide to drink it in the afternoon, too. Everyone loves waking up to the great taste of juice - but we think your morning deserves a little more: the juicy taste you love, plus the nourishing power of all natural soy protein from Silk. It's also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Talk about a smart start! Check out the details. Silk Fruit & Protein: Good source of protein;