Magla Reusable Wiping Cloths

21 x 11.2 inch. Stronger - Lasts longer. Rinses clean. Strong. Economical. Environmentally superior to paper towels. Easy Wipe reusable wiping cloths are perfect for cleaning and wiping just about anything. Kitchen; Garage; Appliances; Machine washable; Saves money. Easy Wipe cloths are stronger than paper towels, more economical, and better for the environment, too! Unlike paper towels, which are thrown away after the first use, you can use Easy Wipe cloths over and over again. Easy Wipe cloths are machine washable for even greater economy and less waste. Use Easy Wipe reusable wiping cloths instead of paper towels for all your cleaning and wiping needs. You'll save money, reduce waste and help preserve the environment. Made in U.S.A.