Beech-Nut Baby Cereal Multigrain

Beech-Nut® Soy Free Multigrain Baby Cereal. Stage 2® from about 6 months. Made with natural ingredients. 45% daily value of iron. Our promise: "We're here to provide the purest, most natural and wholesome foods - nothing but the highest quality, closest to the way nature created it." That's what one Beech-Nut employee said when asked what we do, and we can't think of a better way to state our mission. That goal is why we make every choice with care, using only high-quality natural ingredients along with crucial vitamins and minerals that babies need, nothing they don't. It's our promise to you, and to your baby. 25% daily value of 7 B-vitamins and zinc. Our story: We're not the biggest company, and we like it that way. Our 200+ employees in upstate New York all work in the same building, and we all show up each morning to do the same job; provide moms and their babies with the purest, most nutritious baby food made from the best ingredients nature has to offer. 100% natural, Beech-Nut®, Just Apple & Blackberry. 100% natural, Beech-Nut®, Just Carrots. This is not baby food, this is real food for babies. Try one today! Essential nutrition for every stage: Stage 1® from about 4 months: Stage 1 foods introduce fruits, vegetables & single grains to test for food sensitivities. Stage 2® from about 6 months: Stage 2 single-ingredient and combination foods add flavor and variety to your baby's diet. Stage 3® from about 8 months: Stage 3 foods are prepared with more taste and texture for older babies. Stage 4® from about 12 months: Stage 4 foods are more flavorful with a toddler friendly size and texture. Contact us at: 1-800-BEECH-NUT or Visit to meet us and learn more. ©2014 Beech-Nut Nutrition Company.