Purina Busy Made in USA Facilities Toy Breed Dog Bones, Tiny

Keep your tiniest of tiny dogs entertained with Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treats. Made with real meat in the center, these chewy bones let him know how much you care. Designed especially for a tiny dog's small mouth, each Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat has a unique twisted shape to add to your dog's chewing pleasure. Watch his excitement as he gnaws to his heart's content, savoring the exterior as long as possible before reaching the bold, meaty reward in the center. Since these treats are made without FD and C colors, you can rest assured he's getting only the best. Help him occupy his time and satisfy his need to chew when you need to get work done, or give him a Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat as a special reward. Made without rawhide, these treats encourage your dog to chew, which helps keep his teeth clean. Despite his tiny size, your dog is a big part of your life. Let him know how important he is by relieving his boredom and keeping him busy when you can't by offering him one of these tempting dog treats on a regular basis.