Blue Diamond Natural Almonds, Oven Roasted, Cinnamon Brown Sugar

No added oil. Smart eating! A handful of almonds a day is a healthy snacking choice. Oven Roasted almonds with no added oil are a healthy snack, offering a wonderful blend of delicate flavors and an abundance of nutritional benefits. Eating almonds as part of your healthy lifestyle also provides you with a satisfying snack that fills you up with fewer calories, and helps with weight management. Almonds are Calorie Smart: No cholesterol. Good source of fiber. Good source of protein. No artificial ingredients. Peanut free. From the almond people. 7 g total carbs - 3 g fiber = 4 g net carbs per serving. Questions or Comments? Write Blue Diamond Customer Support, Sacramento, CA 95812. Please include code number found on jar with all inquiries. From California.