Kars Trail Mix, Sweet 'N Spicy

Butter toffee peanuts; hot peanuts; honey roasted peanuts; honey sesame sticks; hot cajun corn sticks. Gluten free. Low sodium. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Detroit born 1933. The American trail mix. Detroit Born: You could say we pioneered the whole Sweet 'n Salty Mix movement. Since our humble beginnings outside Detroit's Tiger Stadium back in 1933, we've become a nationwide sensation with grab-and-go snacks inspired by classic American recipes. Sweet 'N Spicy Mix: Turn off the hohum - and turn on your mouth! It's the feeling you get when your stomach says, Feed me - and it better Kar's Sweet 'n Spicy Mix. Your mouth savors to blend of mellow sweetness, and a little hot-cha-cha puts you back in business. www.karsnuts.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. For consumer inquiries call 800-527-6887 weekdays 9 am - 5 pm EST or visit www.karsnuts.com.