Nestle Raisinets Dried Cranberries and Milk Chocolate

Nestle Cranberry Raisinets Nestle milk chocolate. Dried cranberries. Resealable bag. 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brands. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. 100% chocolate covered cranberries. 1/2 serving of real fruit in every 1/4 cup. Good to know. Cranberry Raisinets are a natural source of fruit antioxidants, which help maintain good health. It's good to know. Since 1866 Nestle. Good to remember. You get a 1/2 serving* of real fruit in every 1/4 cup of cranberry Raisinets. Good to connect 1-800-258-6728 M-F 8AM - 8PM ET Steps to a healthier you. Nutritional compass™. Nestle and Raisinets are registered trademarks of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. *1/4 cup of dried fruit counts as 1 serving of fruit. The USDA dietary guidelines recommend eating 4 servings of fruit every day for a 2000 calorie diet. 8 g fat vs. 11.4 g fat (average) in 45 g of the leading chocolate brands.