San Bernardo Italian Escapes Ice Cream, Premium, Amaretto Praline

With amaretto praline pecans. Since 1971. CE listed. Real. Amaretto & Praline Pecans: Amaretto is an Italian drink flavored with fruits that infuse the liquor with an almond flavoring. Our favorite popular legend places its creation in 1525. A Renaissance painter and the model for his painting fell in love. She wanted to create a special drink for him. Amaretto was the result. Pralines originated in France in the 1600s as almonds coated with sugar. French settlers in Louisiana quickly changed to pecans because of their abundance. Locals soon added cream to the mixture and created what we enjoy today. The praline remains one of the American South's most sought after sweet treats and amaretto one of its most popular liquors. Together we believe they will be unstoppable! Product of USA.