Sargento Medium Cheddar/Colby-Jack, Thin Slices, Duo Pack

Natural Cheese/Natural Colby and Monterey Jack Cheese. 2 Flavors. 1 Package! High in Calcium. Our family's passion is cheese. 1 slice of this Sargento cheese provides 100mg of the 800-1200mg of calcium most of us need each day. If your family's as passionate about cheese as mine is, you know that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one variety! That's why we developed our convenient new Duo Packs, to combine the great tastes everyone loves. Choose from mild cheddar and provolone, medium cheddar and colby-jack, or swiss and baby swiss. It's the easiest way yet to get even more of that great Sargento taste. So pick some up today and taste the difference our family's passion for cheese can make. Enjoy! Lou Gentine, Second Generations of Family Ownership.